Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Talking Trades: These Cards Didn't Come with Bubblegum

Back in April, I completed a trade with Jeff from Wish They Still Came With Bubblegum.  At one point I found a couple packs with some gum (wrapped like the one I sent him), and made the mistake of trying it.  Won't be doing that again!!

Jeff responded to my package with a tasty helping of Cubs both of the 2015/16 teams, and for my Cubs All Time list.

Started off with a couple parallels for the kiddos, and a healthy helping of Heritage.  Both versions are so much better than this year's smoky flagship.

Ryno and the boys, the only Cubs card for team morale guy Johnny Herrera, pre/post Cub Fergie, and a smattering of 2015/16 Cubs.  (Card backs are from double loading the scan page... still in the infancy of scanning here).

Jeff also provided a great collection of cards to add to my non-Cub PCs, including a pre-Cardinal Heyward.  Also, every McCutchen card should feature that awesome smile.  That Hunter Pence card is everything I love about Stadium Club.

Lastly, Jeff made a significant contribution to my budding Detroit Lions collection with a handful of current players, and the newly retired Megatron.  I miss seeing his ridiculous catches, but the Lions, who are currently leading the NFC North, are getting along without him.  That Panini Black Friday card reminds me to be on the lookout this weekend at the card shops.  Anyone know if any distributors/brands have anything planned?

Thanks for the trade, Jeff!  Sorry it took so long for the post!

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