Thursday, March 24, 2016

Cards [His] Mom Didn't Throw Out

Finally finding time to post, I have a few trade roundups to get to, starting with a trade from JayP, the proprietor of CMMDTO.

Digging through packs a few weeks ago I came across some nice D-Backs cards, so I went hunting for a home for them, and came across JayP's site, made contact, and it took off from there.  He dug through my wantlists, got the package out pretty quick, and I'm sure our packages crossed paths at some point in their respective journeys.

First card I saw was my favorite card in the pack, but I'll wait til the end to post it ;)

 Starting off with a couple of minor leaguers, Preston Morrison started off in Low A Eugene, and carries a .81 ERA in 22 IP, with 30 strikeouts, appearing as both a starter and reliever.  Jen-Ho Tseng (P) fits in two categories for my collection:  Cubs (ish), and is from Southeast Asia.  He hasn't moved passed High A yet, but has put up decent numbers at Kane County and Myrtle Beach over the last two years.  Also, Bowman Chrome, as a whole, looks amazing.

Next up is Darwin Barney (MIF), who is becoming one of my favorite guys to see on cards, since they're all fairly animated, and the dude was a stud... fielding anyway, not much there with the bat.  Kinda reminds me of a guy we have on a minor league deal right now, who happens to be in the next batch of cards.

Then we have an awesome Sammy hologram, Maddux [probably] throwing another 1 hitter, Fergie being a hero, Jake shutting down, well, everyone, a shiny Soriano and an "Extreme Corps" Sammy Stadium Club Insert.

This group we start off with another Barney, playing excellent D, even without his glasses (because he was that good!), Almora (CF who is the aforementioned defensive stud whose bat needs work, so will be stashed at AAA-Iowa, and Stephen Bruno (IF), who is stuck in AA with a lifetime minor league slash line of .298/.372/.405, with a .97 Fielding %.  He should probably move up, but I'm still new at this!

Tony Campana (OF) was with the Cubs for a couple of seasons that are entirely forgettable, 2011/2012.  He hit 262/306/300 with the Cubs, then moved on to the DBacks.  New to the All-Time binder.

Kosuke Fukudome (OF) was with the Cubs from 2008-2011 before he was traded to Cleveleand.  Also fits in the All-Time Cubs and Southeast Asia collection.  This bumps a non-Cubs Fukudome from the binder.  Also, Upper Deck had a pretty cool series here with the X series, the die-cuts are something! (Mariners, Twins, Mets collectors, I have one of each for trade bait)

Roosevelt Brown (LF) spent all of his major league time with the Cubs, from 1999-2002, had a mediocre bat, but superb fielding (except when playing RF).  Also the owner of an awesome name.

The wave of Cubs ends with an awesome Kerry Wood to add to the PC, a great looking Dunston to bump some wax out of the all-time collection, and a flippin' sweet Bruce Sutter that feels like a couch (has a rough, fabric like texture).

Rounding out the package, JayP hit one of my favorites, and hit it hard!

You can't really tell from the scan, but it is a chrome parallel.  I know a lot of people don't like chrome parallels for Heritage, since the originals didn't have Chromes (or parallels), but I think it looks great.

Thanks again JayP for the awesome trade, I'm very glad your mom didn't throw these out!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice bunch! That Sosa UC3 has been a favorite of mine for forever; one of the few cards that has survived from my original collection until today.

  2. Tony Campana is the man.

    1. I don't know anything about him.

    2. Reminder from my original post, I'm a fairly new fan, so still learning about everyone.

    3. What Nick said! See my PC, ha!

  3. I bet Baltimore is regretting that Jake Arrieta trade.

    1. Yeah, looks like Clevenger has been a decent bat for them, but not much else.


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