Sunday, March 13, 2016

Surprise PWE: The Card Chop!

I have a few trade packages to post about, not going in any kind of order.


Last week while looking for new trade partners, I found that The Card Chop needed a bunch of cards that I have had, and contacted him to work out a trade.  After sending his needs to him, I figured he would wait until I completed my 2016 Topps Set checklist before sending out the return trade.

Welp, I was wrong!  Received my first surprise PWE from any of the traders and couldn't be more excited about it!  So many Cubs and non-Cubs PCs, oddballs and cutouts!

Let's dig in!

Right off the bat we get a Heritage Nolan Ryan, and a couple oddballs of Mark Grace and Jody Davis.  Grace came from Sports Illustrated Kids, and Davis came from...

Red Lobster?  Apparently they gave them out as a promo back in the day.  Either way, all are awesome.

Moving on...

Andre Dawson oddball disc from 1989, Dunston that I don't have, and a Greg Maddux cutout from 1991 Baseball Cards Magazine in 1966 styling.  Way cool.

Needed the Rizzo to go with KB from the same set (think this my 12th or 13th Rizzo now), Posey T206 looks frightening yet awesome.  Gonna have to find a way to store the Kershaw A&G mini, both will find their way into my PC binder.

Getting to the last sleeve (cards were sent in the bottom third of a binder page), we have a couple more from Mad Dog when he was taking home hardware.

And a couple Ryno's, both of which are oddballs!

The first, with the appearance of 1971 Topps, is a cutout from Baseball Card Price Guide Monthly, and the second was from McDonald's.  Did a little research on the McDonald's edition and found this at

1992 Topps McDonald's is a 44-card set, distributed exclusively at McDonald's restaurants in the Greater New York City and Philadelphia areas. Officially known as "McDonald's Baseball's Best," a collector could purchase a five-card pack for $0.99 with the purchase of an Extra Value Meal or $1.79 with any other food purchase.
 Finally, we come across on of my favorite cards from the 2016 Topps, Kris Bryant's Perspectives insert.  Very cool card, great angle.  Even the "wordart" doesn't take away from this one.  Perspectives is probably my favorite of the insert sets.

Thank you again, Steve, looking forward to future trades!!


Yes, I know my scans are horrible and cut off.  First time using it for something like this, will practice more next time!


  1. That SI for Kids Gracie is one of my favorite and most treasured cards of all time. When I was a kid, I traded my Score Bo Jackson card for that oddball and I've held onto it ever since.

    1. Dude, that's awesome!! I have a few cereal oddballs from back in the day, sadly none of them are Cubs, but had a few Ryan's and Strawberry's. I don't think I did any trades when I was a kid, and if I did, I have no memory of them.

  2. I love that Red Lobster card! What a great play at the plate shot!

  3. Those Maddux Oddballs are amazing


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