Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Talking Trades: These Cards Didn't Come with Bubblegum

Back in April, I completed a trade with Jeff from Wish They Still Came With Bubblegum.  At one point I found a couple packs with some gum (wrapped like the one I sent him), and made the mistake of trying it.  Won't be doing that again!!

Jeff responded to my package with a tasty helping of Cubs both of the 2015/16 teams, and for my Cubs All Time list.

Started off with a couple parallels for the kiddos, and a healthy helping of Heritage.  Both versions are so much better than this year's smoky flagship.

Ryno and the boys, the only Cubs card for team morale guy Johnny Herrera, pre/post Cub Fergie, and a smattering of 2015/16 Cubs.  (Card backs are from double loading the scan page... still in the infancy of scanning here).

Jeff also provided a great collection of cards to add to my non-Cub PCs, including a pre-Cardinal Heyward.  Also, every McCutchen card should feature that awesome smile.  That Hunter Pence card is everything I love about Stadium Club.

Lastly, Jeff made a significant contribution to my budding Detroit Lions collection with a handful of current players, and the newly retired Megatron.  I miss seeing his ridiculous catches, but the Lions, who are currently leading the NFC North, are getting along without him.  That Panini Black Friday card reminds me to be on the lookout this weekend at the card shops.  Anyone know if any distributors/brands have anything planned?

Thanks for the trade, Jeff!  Sorry it took so long for the post!

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Talking Trades: Lost Collector inspires a new collection

Apologies now to everyone who has sent me cards and hasn't received a proper thank you in the way of a trade post.  I hope to catch up when I can, as my incoming scans folder has been piling up in the recent months.  I'll do my best to get posts done in the order received, but it's not entirely likely that will happen.  Those whom I've traded with multiple times will likely get one massive post.

Starting out, we catch up with a trade from AJ of The Lost Collector.  I mentioned to Gavin (of Baseball Card Breakdown) that I had a card I was looking to offload, and he suggested that I reach out to AJ, so that's exactly what I did.

A nice collection of Hall of Famers (Mr Cub and the Hawk), a couple PC guys (flying Darwin Barneys are the best Darwin Barneys, Castro turning a double play, funnyman Ryan Dempster), and a couple additions to my Cubs All-Time list (Beef Welington, Dolis).

The Barney and Castro cards make me want to start a new collection... Players defying gravity:

I think this one would be pretty fun, centering around middle infielders and outfielders (Kevin Kiermaier comes to mind).

New to the CAT in this group are Hill, Johnson, Lahair and Pena.

James Russell is an upgrade, as I only had him in a Braves uni.  Shark and the great oddball of Ryno make their way into their collections, Sappelt is new to the CAT.  And here we have a diving Schierholtz.  [A good start to the flying/diving collection already!]  Still can't get enough of Schwarber staring down a longball.

Soto goes to the PC, Stewart, Sweeney, and the polarizing Theriot climb into the CAT.  Always a good day when another amazingly mustached Villanueva makes its way into the 2014 binder.  The Marquee goes toward completing the 100 Years at Wrigley set, and Sammy finds his way to the PC.

Speaking of the marquee, nice job, Topps.  It was green.  Not red.

I'm a sucker for relics, so the Sammy swatch is just swell!

AJ also hit some of my non-Cubs PCs (which I'm currently working on cataloging).  Quite the group of All Stars!  I was trying to find another category to put them all in, such as Silver Sluggers, but Votto missed out there.  Gold Gloves? Trout and Mad Bum missed those.

MadBum came out of a 2015 issue of SI Kids (which I should start grabbing for the kiddos).  I'm working on the puzzle set for Buster Posey (2012 Triple Play).  Trout, Goldy, Joey and Yadi all find new homes in the PC's.  Lets hope we never see Goldy in a Mets uniform, as the orange doesn't work for him (although, knowing the DBacks, it could make its way into their colorways in the future).
Lastly, we have an insert from 2012 Topps Update, showcasing that years NL ROY, and All Star, Bryce Harper, who of course goes on to collect Silver Slugger and MVP awards down the road, while sporting some of the best hair in the game.
Thanks again, AJ, for the great cards!

Many of these catch up posts will be like this... once I get on a "current" posting schedule, i'll likely have more entertaining stuff to post :D

Monday, November 21, 2016

Tyler Naquin is my spirit animal

And a new PC, if for nothing other than his celebration after his walk-off inside-the-park home run.

My collection of him is just starting out, and since I just made this decision today, I don't even know what I have yet, aside from a base card from flagship.

Also, I'm working on inventory now for all PCs, so will have that up soon, and also working on scanning for catching up on blog posts, which will come soon.

Maybe if the Cubs hadn't won the World Series I would have a different opinion about Tribe players, but this is just an excellent expression of joy, that would likely be frowned upon in the NFL.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Outgoing mailday!

Quick note, headed to the post office to drop off some trade packages.  Also dropped a couple off last night.  If your zip is below, be on the lookout!


Monday, August 22, 2016

Talking Trades: Feeding my addiction with an almost complete set!

A few months ago I saw a couple box break posts from Adam from Addiction as Therapy.  He was looking to fill some 2016 Heritage needs, as well as some 2016 Gypsy Queen needs, and I was happy to supply his addiction.

His return package blew me all the way back to 2007!

At the time, my Cubs All-Time Collection was in its infancy, and this trade provided welcome additions in Mark DeRosa, Jason Marquis, Ted Lilly and Daryle Ward.  This Sean Marshall card upgraded a non-Cub card of him.  Dempster and Soriano fit right into their respective PCs, and Theriot is looking off into the distance, pondering what stupid thing he can say next.

Big Z and another Soriano for their PCs, as well as non-Cubs Votto, Ervin Santana, Yadi, Ichiro and The Big Unit.

This mailing also put me just 3 cards away from owning the full team set for 2007 Heritage.  If you have any of the following, please let me know if you want to set up a trade!

  • 66 - Matt Murton
  • 122 - Jacque Jones (SP)
  • 384 - Scott Moore (RC) (SP)
Thank you very much, Adam, for feeding my addiction, and getting me near another completed team set!  Hope you enjoyed the cards I sent you as much as I enjoyed these!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Tales from the LCS: The 1/1, more NBCD + Tradebait!

Picked up my second lifetime 1/1 the other day, but of course you'll have to wait to the end.  Eventually I'll post about the first 1/1.

The other day I ventured into an LCS looking for a box of the el-cheapo Topps Bunt physical cards.  They didn't have any, due to the proprietors objection to digital cards.  Completely understandable, so I grabbed a pack of 2015 Panini Prizm while I was there, and also checked to see if he had any National Baseball Card Day packs left.  He did, so he hooked me up with one.
Looks like it would be a decent matchup...

I needed these, the following are tradebait.


As for the Prizm pack, there were also two cards that I needed:

The Salad and the Snake

Apparently it was Jake Arrieta Day.

Don't need the following, so also tradebait:

Also in the Prizm pack were not one, but TWO numbered parallels!  BOTH ARE UP FOR TRADE!

Starting off is the ace Cardinals pitcher, Adam Wainwright.  Red Power Prizm 97/125.  The fact that it is a red parallel makes for a great looking, non-clashing, Card card.

Lastly, you MIGHT have heard of this guy.

Former Cardinals Pitcher.

Former Braves Pitcher.

Former Diamondbacks Pitcher.

Current Ace Pitcher.

Well, Aces Pitcher.  The Reno Aces, the AAA affiliate of the D-Backs, as he looks to return to form.

But that doesn't matter, as here we have a Black Finite Prizm 1/1 of Shelby Miller from his glory days with Atlanta.

It's a great looking card, but they still can't figure out how to make a Braves uniform look decent.  The Waino looks pretty good, except for the hat, of course, but a Redbird fan would probably be a little more finicky than me.

Pretty good day at the LCS.  As stated above, everything but the Arrietas, Szczur and Harper are for trade!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Talking Trades: The Card Ch- erm... Baseball Picture Cards

A couple months ago, the former Chop Keeper, Cardboard Curmudgeon, changed the direction and name of his blog, and was awesome to mail out some notifications, each of which included an oddball:

Sincere apologies for the melting scan, I flipped the card too quick while scanning!

The Cubs gave these out on August 20, 1982 as a promo in partnership with Red Lobster.  More information on the set can be found here.

Thanks for the update and the card!  It booted a base card out of the ATC, as oddballs will always have a home there!  Once I get everything caught up, I'll be back to building trade packages!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Talking Trades: (W)Roster Jenga with the Burbs

Back toward the beginning of the year when I was first getting back into collecting, I discovered Tony's blog Wrigley Roster Jenga (keep wanting to type Wroster), I wreached out to him about a card he needed, Donn Roach as a Cub.

This is where it all began
I had purchased the I-Cubs set on ebay in hopes of getting some in-person autos of some players, and to grab the pre-callup cards for Bryant, Russell and others, and this card fit into his Cubs All-Time Roster Collection.  Looking at my 2015 book, I'm missing a card for Donnie Roach, since he did make a (not good) appearance with Chicago.

His initial offering (there have been a couple) was full of guys I mentioned I was starting PCs for, as well as replacements for the Cubgrades I sent him:

He clearly did not disappoint!  My budding collection was off to a great start!  The three down the left were replacements for I-Cubs I sent him, cult hero John backer at the bottom, the Professor, the good Soriano, Kid K, A-Ram, and the Harry Carey impersonator.

You'll also notice at the bottom a manu-relic to commemorate Buster Posey's debut, one of the first additions to my non-Cubs PC list.


A few weeks later I had more for his various All-Time Roster lists, so another mailing went out, and another came back!  This is after I decided to pursue a similar venture, in making a Cubs All-Time collection, so he decided to attack it with authority.

The Jose Reyes shot creeps me out for some reason, and I'm also wondering what's on Todd Zeile's mind here.  I for one, love spring training shots, and the Brendan Harris is just excellent, in my opinion.  Excellent shot from the backfields.  Also, I fear for the poor woman Dave Geilsel is eyeballing in that '82 Donruss shot.

This group reaches back a bit further (with the exception of The Hawk) to fill a few holes from vintage teams.  Ernie and the aforementioned Awesome Dawson make their way into their respective binders, whereas the rest slot into their respective years with their team sets.  It was all I could do to restrain myself from sticking Sutter to the front of a binder.

The final grouping gives me my first "cards" of Moises Alou in a Cubs uniform, Joe Pepitone wondering when he can get to his stash, current Athletic and short time big league Cub Arismendy Alcantara, a young J-Hey, a pre-photoshop era Scott Downs Expos card, and a few Cubs before they were Cubs, in Michael Tucker, Ryan Freel, and Red Murray, whom all spent a season or less with the Cubs.

Tony, thanks again for the dents to my lists!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

[NBCD '16] Who needs a Kris Bryant?

By now you've all heard about it.  You've been to the card shops to get your freebies.  But how did you fare for your collections?

I took my son with me to two different participating shops, so we ended up with 4 packs each.  He ended up with a couple of my PC guys, and he didn't mind hooking me up with a trade.  The proprietor of one of the shops was even awesome enough to dig through the box of packs to find one with the boy's favorite player on top, to guarantee him that card.  Super awesome.

Anyway, onto the cards!

All the PCs!

  • Schwarbs was the only Cub I pulled.  KB was part of the promotion (required $10 Topps product purchase)
  • Goldy was on top of the two packs at our first stop.  I gave him the other pack.  It had Jake in it, and the boy was stoked!
  • Happy they put Prince in the set.  Obviously this was ready for distribution before his announcement

I really like the design for the cards.  Clean.  Subtle.  Logo, primary team color stripe, set stamp, no smoke.


On to the boy's cards.

The boy's favorite player is Anthony Rizzo, and it was awesome of the LCS owner to hook him up.
He'd also been bugging me for some basketball cards, so I let him dig out 10 from the dimebox.  As I was scanning, he asked if I could scan that one too, so I obliged.  Lastly, I obviously had to make purchases to get the KB cards, so I picked up some 2016 Chrome for the two of us.  He drew his own packs.  Naturally he had the Addy insert in one of his packs (his second favorite player).

We also picked up his first official baseball card binder.  He was using one of my old 1" binders before, but we filled it up!

Not a bad way to spend the day with the kiddo!  That's what today is for, anyway, right?

LASTLY - both shops hooked us up with 2 KB cards, so between him, me, and my little girl, I have ONE left for trade!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Testing the Auto Tweeter 3

Just a test post for an IFTTT recipe.

Attempt 3

For those that want to use the recipe:

Talking Trades: Driving through P-Town and Normal (Holy Cow!)

Back in April I got to chatting with P-Town Tom regarding a couple cards he wanted to send my way as a part of some house cleaning of duplicates... and triplets... and quads...  At the same time, I was planning a trip to Chi-town on business, so I figured I'd just swing through Peoria on the way to pick up the cards so that he can save on postage.

Why would I be concerned with helping him save on postage for just a couple of cards?  Because it wasn't just a couple cards...

IT WAS A COUPLE THOUSAND CARDS!  Obviously, this put a massive dent in my all-time collection!  Below are the holes that were filled with his contribution.

Terry Adams Pitcher 1995-1999 No
Jack Aker Pitcher 1972-1973 No
Antonio Alfonseca Pitcher 2002-2003 No
George Altman Outfielder 1959-1962, 1965-1967 No
Shane Andrews Third Base 1999-2000 No
Jairo Asencio Pitcher 2012 Yes
Jeff Baker Second Base 2009-2012 Yes
Jay Baller Pitcher 1985-1987 No
Willie Banks Pitcher 1993-1995 No
Richard Barker Pitcher 1999-2000 No
Michael Barrett Catcher 2004-2007 No
Glenn  Beckert Second Base 1965-1973 No
George Bell Outfielder 1991 No
Larry Biitner Outfielder 1976-1980 No
Doug Bird Pitcher 1981-1982 No
Tim Blackwell Catcher 1978-1981 No
Jeff Blauser Shortstop 1998-1999 No
John Boccabella Catcher 1963-1968 No
Brian Bogusevic Outfielder 2013 Yes
Bobby Bonds Outfielder 1981 No
Bill Bonham Pitcher 1971-1977 No
Rich Bordi Pitcher 1983-1984 No
Steve Boros Third Base 1963 No
Larry Bowa Shortstop 1982-1985 No
Michael Bowden Pitcher 2012-2013 Yes
Micah Bowie Pitcher 1999 No
Milton Bradley Outfielder 2009 No
Harry Bright First Base 1965 No
Byron Browne Outfielder 1965-1967 No
Warren Brusstar Pitcher 1983-1985 No
Bill Buckner First Base 1977-1984 No
Steve Buechele Third Base 1992-1995 No
Bob Buhl Pitcher 1962-1966 No
Scott Bullett Outfielder 1995-1996 No
Jim Bullinger Pitcher 1992-1996 No
Ray Burris Pitcher 1973-1979 No
Freddie Bynum Outfielder 2006 Yes
Marlon Byrd Outfielder 2010-2012 Yes
Alberto Cabrera Pitcher 2012-2013 Yes
Johnny Callison Outfielder 1970-1971 No
Shawn Camp Pitcher 2012-2013 Yes
Bill   Campbell Pitcher 1982-1983 No
Doug Capilla Pitcher 1979-1981 No
Adrian Cardenas Second Base 2012 No
Andrew Cashner Pitcher 2010-2011 Yes
Bill Caudill Pitcher 1979-1981 No
Ronny Cedeno Shortstop 2005-2008 Yes
Ron  Cey Third Base 1983-1986 No
Rocky Cherry Pitcher 2007 No
Hee-Seop Choi First Base 2002-2003 No
Dave Clark Outfielder 1990, 1997 No
Gene Clines Outfielder 1977-1979 No
Casey Coleman Pitcher 2010-2012 Yes
Joe Coleman Pitcher 1976 No
Tyler Colvin Outfielder 2009-2011 Yes
Neal Cotts Pitcher 2007-2009 Yes
Billy Cowan Outfielder 1963-1964 No
Larry Cox Catcher 1978, 1982 No
Hector Cruz Outfielder 1978, 1981-1982 No
Juan Cruz Pitcher 2001-2003 Yes
Ron  Davis Pitcher 1986-1987 No
Joe Decker Pitcher 1969-1972 No
Ivan DeJesus Shortstop 1977-1981 No
Tom Dettore Pitcher 1974-1976 No
Blake DeWitt Second Base 2010-2012 Yes
Steve Dillard Second Base 1979-1981 No
Jim Dunegan Pitcher 1970 No
Dennis Eckersley Pitcher 1984-1986 No
Carl Edwards, Jr. Pitcher 2015-2016 (Present) Yes
Carmen Fanzone Third Base 1971-1974 No
Scott Feldman Pitcher 2013 Yes
Jesus Figueroa Outfielder 1980 No
Ray Fontenot Pitcher 1985-1986 No
Barry Foote Catcher 1979-1981 No
Jake Fox Outfielder 2007, 2009 Yes
Terry Francona First Base 1986 No
George Frazier Pitcher 1984-1986 No
Woodie  Fryman Pitcher 1978 No
Sam Fuld Outfielder 2007, 2009-2010 Yes
Mike trans
Pitcher 1976 No
Joey Gathright Outfielder 2009 Yes
Chad Gaudin Pitcher 2008 Yes
Preston Gomez Manager 1980 No
Luis Gonzalez Outfielder 1995-1996 No
Tom Gorzelanny Pitcher 2009-2010 Yes
John Grabow Pitcher 2009-2011 Yes
Kevin Gregg Pitcher 2009, 2013 Yes
Justin Grimm Pitcher 2013-2016 (Present) Yes
Greg Gross Outfielder 1977-1978 No
Larry Gura Pitcher 1970-1973, 1985 No
Jose Guzman Pitcher 1993-1994 No
Jerry Hairston Jr. Second Base 2005-2006 No
Mel Hall Outfielder 1981-1984 No
Bill Hands Pitcher 1966-1972 No
Brendan Harris Third Base 2004 Yes
Vic Harris Second Base 1974-1975 No
Ron  Hassey Catcher 1984 No
Billy Hatcher Outfielder 1984-1985 No
Richie  Hebner Third Base 1984-1985 No
Ken Henderson Outfielder 1979-1980 No
Steve Henderson Outfielder 1981-1982 No
Bob Hendley Pitcher 1965-1967 No
Ramon Hernandez Pitcher 1968, 1976-1977 No
Willie (Guillermo) Hernandez Pitcher 1977-1983 No
Jim Hickman Outfielder 1968-1973 No
Gene Hiser Outfielder 1971-1975 No
Glen Hobbie Pitcher 1957-1964 No
Billy Hoeft Pitcher 1965-1966 No
Guy Hoffman Pitcher 1986 No
Burt Hooton Pitcher 1971-1975 No
Tim Hosley Catcher 1975-1976 No
Cesar Izturis Shortstop 2006-2007 No
Brett Jackson Outfielder 2012 Yes
Lou Jackson Outfielder 1958-1959 No
Cleo  James Outfielder 1970-1973 No
Robin Jennings Outfielder 1996-1997, 1999 No
Cliff  Johnson First Base 1980 No
Jay  Johnstone Outfielder 1982-1984 No
Jacque Jones Outfielder 2006-2007 No
Mick Kelleher Shortstop 1976-1980 No
Kelton Outfielder 2003-2004 No
Jason Kendall Catcher 2007 No
Darold Knowles Pitcher 1975-1976 No
Mike Krukow Pitcher 1976-1981 No
Steve Lake Catcher 1983-1986, 1993 No
Dennis Lamp Pitcher 1977-1980 No
Ced Landrum Outfielder 1991 No
Craig Lefferts Pitcher 1983 No
Carlos Lezcano Outfielder 1980-1981 No
Bob Locker Pitcher 1973-1975 No
Steve Macko Second Base 1979-1980 No
Bill Madlock Third Base 1974-1976 No
Martin Outfielder 1979-1980 No
Ramon Martinez Shortstop 2003-2004 No
Randy Martz Pitcher 1980-1982 No
Mike Mason Pitcher 1987 No
Marcos Mateo Pitcher 2010-2011 Yes
Gary Matthews Outfielder 1984-1987 No
Lindy McDaniel Pitcher 1963-1965 No
Dan  trans
Pitcher 1972 No
Fred McGriff First Base 2001-2002 No
Rudy Meoli Shortstop 1978 No
Chad Meyers Second Base 1999-2001 No
Gene Michael Manager 1986-1987 No
Damian Miller Catcher 2003 No
Wade Miller Pitcher 2006-2007 No
George Mitterwald Catcher 1974-1977 No
Moore Pitcher 1975-1979 No
Scott Moore Third Base 2006-2007 Yes
Jerry Morales Outfielder 1974-1977, 1981-1983 No
Mickey Morandini Second Base 1997-1999 No
Mike Morgan Pitcher 1991-1995, 1998 No
Bobby Murcer Outfielder 1977-1979 No
Danny  Murphy Outfielder 1960-1962 No
Matt Murton Outfielder 2005-2008 Yes
Xavier Nady Outfielder 2010 Yes
Jose Nieves Shortstop 1998-2000 No
Dickie Noles Pitcher 1982-1984, 1987 No
Phil Norton Pitcher 2000, 2003 No
Rich Nye Pitcher 1966-1969 No
Gene Oliver Catcher 1968-1969 No
Steve Ontiveros Third Base 1977-1980 No
Dave Owen Shortstop 1983-1985 No
Erik  Pappas Catcher 1991 No
Ken Patterson Pitcher 1992 No
Dave Pavlas Pitcher 1990-1991 No
Felix Pie Outfielder 2007-2008 Yes
Pina Pitcher 1974 No
Juan Pizarro Pitcher 1970-1973 No
Dan Plesac Pitcher 1992-1994 No
Paul Popovich Second Base 1964-1967, 1969-1973 No
Mike Proly Pitcher 1982-1983 No
Chuck Rainey Pitcher 1983-1984 No
Fernando Ramsey Outfielder 1992 No
Phil Regan Pitcher 1968-1972 No
Paul Reuschel Pitcher 1975-1978 No
Rick Reuschel Pitcher 1972-1981, 1983-1984 No
George Riley Pitcher 1979-1980 No
Dave Roberts Pitcher 1977-1978 No
Daryl Robertson Shortstop 1962 No
Jeff Robinson Pitcher 1992 No
Andre Rodgers Shortstop 1961-1964 No
Mel Rojas Pitcher 1997 No
Dave Rosello Second Base 1972-1977 No
Ken Rudolph Catcher 1969-1973 No
Justin  Ruggiano Outfielder 2014 Yes
Dick Ruthven Pitcher 1983-1986 No
Ted Savage Outfielder 1967-1968 No
Roe Skidmore -- 1970 No
Marcelino Solis Pitcher 1958 No
Lary Sorensen Pitcher 1985 No
Chris Speier Shortstop 1985-1986 No
Rob Sperring Second Base 1974-1976 No
Earl Stephenson Pitcher 1971 No

Stoddard Pitcher 1984 No
Joe Strain Second Base 1981 No
Steve Swisher Catcher 1974-1977 No
Scot Thompson Outfielder 1978-1983 No
Steve Trout Pitcher 1983-1987 No
Mike Tyson Second Base 1980-1981 No
Mike Vail Outfielder 1978-1980 No
Ismael Valdez Pitcher 2000 No
Josh Vitters Third Base 2012 Yes
Arodys Vizcaino Pitcher 2014 Yes
Chris Volstad Pitcher 2012 Yes
Matt Walbeck Catcher 1993 No
Chico Walker Outfielder 1985-1987, 1991-1992 No
Todd Walker Second Base 2004-2006 No
Joe Wallis Outfielder 1975-1978 No
Randy Wells Pitcher 2008-2012 No
Gary Woods Outfielder 1982-1985 No
Michael Wuertz Pitcher 2004-2008 Yes
Don Young Outfielder 1965-1969 No
Geoff Zahn Pitcher 1975-1976 No
Todd Zeile Third Base 1995 No

While cataloging the cards, I found plenty of duplicates that I passed on to another blogger, Trevor P of Bump and Run Football Cards and to my friend who got me into the Cubs (He also helped me with the initial sort).  After weeding out the dupes, I sorted them by year.

Then made myself a bowl of Rizzos!

Since receiving these I have started binders with cards dating back to the 50s (of which I had 1-2 cards prior to this), and was able to set the kid collectors at home up with a ton of Cubs for their binders.

There were a ton of amazing cards in the boxes, to include a massive amount that fit in with my Cubs specific PCs from HOFers, shoulda been HOFers, and future HOFers.  Way to many to scan!  I couldn't have been any happier


The other stop near P-Town brought in this amazing gem from my wife's mom's friend's husband when we stopped by their place in Normal for a bit.  David has been a long (long) time Cubs fan, and is a collector of pretty much everything, but was willing to part with this to another fan:

Rather innocuous, right?  Just a normal Vine Line from 1990, right?

Oh, cool, a Bud ad featuring the legendary Harry Carey.

HOLY COW!  Signed by the legend himself, with his signature line!  I'm still trying to figure out how to display this at home.  (I know, first world problems)

Thanks again, Tom, for the amazing boxen of awesomeness!