Friday, August 19, 2016

Tales from the LCS: The 1/1, more NBCD + Tradebait!

Picked up my second lifetime 1/1 the other day, but of course you'll have to wait to the end.  Eventually I'll post about the first 1/1.

The other day I ventured into an LCS looking for a box of the el-cheapo Topps Bunt physical cards.  They didn't have any, due to the proprietors objection to digital cards.  Completely understandable, so I grabbed a pack of 2015 Panini Prizm while I was there, and also checked to see if he had any National Baseball Card Day packs left.  He did, so he hooked me up with one.
Looks like it would be a decent matchup...

I needed these, the following are tradebait.


As for the Prizm pack, there were also two cards that I needed:

The Salad and the Snake

Apparently it was Jake Arrieta Day.

Don't need the following, so also tradebait:

Also in the Prizm pack were not one, but TWO numbered parallels!  BOTH ARE UP FOR TRADE!

Starting off is the ace Cardinals pitcher, Adam Wainwright.  Red Power Prizm 97/125.  The fact that it is a red parallel makes for a great looking, non-clashing, Card card.

Lastly, you MIGHT have heard of this guy.

Former Cardinals Pitcher.

Former Braves Pitcher.

Former Diamondbacks Pitcher.

Current Ace Pitcher.

Well, Aces Pitcher.  The Reno Aces, the AAA affiliate of the D-Backs, as he looks to return to form.

But that doesn't matter, as here we have a Black Finite Prizm 1/1 of Shelby Miller from his glory days with Atlanta.

It's a great looking card, but they still can't figure out how to make a Braves uniform look decent.  The Waino looks pretty good, except for the hat, of course, but a Redbird fan would probably be a little more finicky than me.

Pretty good day at the LCS.  As stated above, everything but the Arrietas, Szczur and Harper are for trade!


  1. Congrats on the 1/1.. very cool looking card (well, the background, at least!)

    1. Yeah, that background is kind of trippy!

  2. Huge congrats on the 1/1! I've never been fortunate enough to pull one. I did pick up a printing plate of a former Durham Bulls guy on the cheap. I'd love the Severino to put me one step closer to completing the set.

    1. Thanks! I'll set aside Severino for you!

    2. Thanks! I'll set aside Severino for you!

  3. Congrats on the 1/1! The only 1/1 I've ever pulled was a printing plate from a pack of Topps Flagship a couple years back.

  4. Congrats, both the Miller and Wainwright are great looking cards.

  5. Very nice! Congrats on the 1/1


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