Monday, August 15, 2016

Talking Trades: (W)Roster Jenga with the Burbs

Back toward the beginning of the year when I was first getting back into collecting, I discovered Tony's blog Wrigley Roster Jenga (keep wanting to type Wroster), I wreached out to him about a card he needed, Donn Roach as a Cub.

This is where it all began
I had purchased the I-Cubs set on ebay in hopes of getting some in-person autos of some players, and to grab the pre-callup cards for Bryant, Russell and others, and this card fit into his Cubs All-Time Roster Collection.  Looking at my 2015 book, I'm missing a card for Donnie Roach, since he did make a (not good) appearance with Chicago.

His initial offering (there have been a couple) was full of guys I mentioned I was starting PCs for, as well as replacements for the Cubgrades I sent him:

He clearly did not disappoint!  My budding collection was off to a great start!  The three down the left were replacements for I-Cubs I sent him, cult hero John backer at the bottom, the Professor, the good Soriano, Kid K, A-Ram, and the Harry Carey impersonator.

You'll also notice at the bottom a manu-relic to commemorate Buster Posey's debut, one of the first additions to my non-Cubs PC list.


A few weeks later I had more for his various All-Time Roster lists, so another mailing went out, and another came back!  This is after I decided to pursue a similar venture, in making a Cubs All-Time collection, so he decided to attack it with authority.

The Jose Reyes shot creeps me out for some reason, and I'm also wondering what's on Todd Zeile's mind here.  I for one, love spring training shots, and the Brendan Harris is just excellent, in my opinion.  Excellent shot from the backfields.  Also, I fear for the poor woman Dave Geilsel is eyeballing in that '82 Donruss shot.

This group reaches back a bit further (with the exception of The Hawk) to fill a few holes from vintage teams.  Ernie and the aforementioned Awesome Dawson make their way into their respective binders, whereas the rest slot into their respective years with their team sets.  It was all I could do to restrain myself from sticking Sutter to the front of a binder.

The final grouping gives me my first "cards" of Moises Alou in a Cubs uniform, Joe Pepitone wondering when he can get to his stash, current Athletic and short time big league Cub Arismendy Alcantara, a young J-Hey, a pre-photoshop era Scott Downs Expos card, and a few Cubs before they were Cubs, in Michael Tucker, Ryan Freel, and Red Murray, whom all spent a season or less with the Cubs.

Tony, thanks again for the dents to my lists!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the cards! Looks like you've made some nice progress on your all-time collection.


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