Saturday, August 13, 2016

[NBCD '16] Who needs a Kris Bryant?

By now you've all heard about it.  You've been to the card shops to get your freebies.  But how did you fare for your collections?

I took my son with me to two different participating shops, so we ended up with 4 packs each.  He ended up with a couple of my PC guys, and he didn't mind hooking me up with a trade.  The proprietor of one of the shops was even awesome enough to dig through the box of packs to find one with the boy's favorite player on top, to guarantee him that card.  Super awesome.

Anyway, onto the cards!

All the PCs!

  • Schwarbs was the only Cub I pulled.  KB was part of the promotion (required $10 Topps product purchase)
  • Goldy was on top of the two packs at our first stop.  I gave him the other pack.  It had Jake in it, and the boy was stoked!
  • Happy they put Prince in the set.  Obviously this was ready for distribution before his announcement

I really like the design for the cards.  Clean.  Subtle.  Logo, primary team color stripe, set stamp, no smoke.


On to the boy's cards.

The boy's favorite player is Anthony Rizzo, and it was awesome of the LCS owner to hook him up.
He'd also been bugging me for some basketball cards, so I let him dig out 10 from the dimebox.  As I was scanning, he asked if I could scan that one too, so I obliged.  Lastly, I obviously had to make purchases to get the KB cards, so I picked up some 2016 Chrome for the two of us.  He drew his own packs.  Naturally he had the Addy insert in one of his packs (his second favorite player).

We also picked up his first official baseball card binder.  He was using one of my old 1" binders before, but we filled it up!

Not a bad way to spend the day with the kiddo!  That's what today is for, anyway, right?

LASTLY - both shops hooked us up with 2 KB cards, so between him, me, and my little girl, I have ONE left for trade!


  1. Congrats on getting the Cubs team set! I'm still searching for Schwarber and Arrieta.

  2. 4 in the team set, that's pretty good for a 50 card set. I'll still need Rizzo and Arrieta for my set, since the ones pictured above are the little man's.

  3. I'd be willing to work out a trade for the Bryant, if it's still available. You mentioned that you needed an Ameer Abdullah after our last trade, and I've got a couple set aside for you (among other things).


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